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San Mateo, California, United States
Company Overview
Mintigo specializes in leveraging data science in order to revolutionize the way people market and sell. Their flagship product, Predictive Marketing Platform, is designed to fuel insight-driven customer engagement.
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Products and Services


Mintigo is a Predictive Marketing Platform designed to discover, target, and engage your best prospects. Mintigo constantly monitors your ideal customers, looking for the signals that somebody is ready to buy a product like yours. It learns from every campaign and user interaction, predicatively scores and enriches every lead in real time, and finds the best way to target and engage your prospects.
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Mintigo Predictive Audiences

Mintigo Predictive Audiences allows marketers to access and target high-quality audiences generated with real-time first and third-party data. This solution addresses a pressing need for marketers — discovering top accounts and gaining actionable, meaningful insights they can use to segment their account lists. Mintigo Predictive Audiences is an easy-to-use platform catering to small and growing companies seeking to drive greater returns from ABM.
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