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Santa Monica, California, United States
Company Overview
MomentFeed delivers a comprehensive digital marketing solution through four primary solutions: Search and Discovery, Social Media, Paid Media and Customer Experience.The MomentFeed suite of products empowers marketers with the ability to efficiently deliver relevant localized marketing, at scale, across thousands of locations. In 2021, MomentFeed was acquired by Uberall.
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Products and Services

Mobile Customer Experience Platform

The MomentFeed Mobile Customer Experience (MCX) management platform helps brands with many stores, branches or restaurants drive more visibility for each location and create an active and engaged mobile storefront on every network. The MCX Platform enables you to engage with consumers through all your digital storefronts at once, giving you the power of an entire army of online marketers. Architected for multi-location brands from the ground up, the modular platform gives you access to multiple modules that manage specific activities. Features offer Customer sentiment analysis employs a breakthrough neuro-linguistic engine, developed by Google and MomentFeed, to monitor customers’ experience and stay in front of trends.
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