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San Francisco, California, United States
Company Overview
PowerReviews LLC operates as a social commerce network. It helps companies tap into consumer conversations to drive business, while providing consumers a way to share their insights about brands, products, and services. In 2023 PowerReviews was acquired by 1WorldSync.
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Products and Services

Ratings & Reviews

With Ratings & Reviews, consumers can evaluate a product at the moment of purchase. Built on a true SaaS ratings and reviews platform, the PowerReviews Consumer Engagement Engine powers a full suite of products to engage with consumers at the moment of purchase to drive sales, improve customer experience, and create actionable insights.
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Seller Ratings

PowerReviews Seller Ratings is a software solution that will solicit, collect, and moderate star ratings and reviews on behalf of a brand for syndication to Google.
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Social Answers

Social Answers is a Q&A software solution that enables organizations to provide fast answers to questions from online shoppers.
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