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Resolut Marketing Systems

Stockholm, Sweden
Company Overview
Stockholm-based Resolut has developed an Internet-based Marketing Resource Management (MRM) tool that makes it possible to methodically plan and budget for the resources required to carry out all marketing activities.
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Products and Services

Brand Manual

Resolut's Brand Manual is a brand management platform that allows marketers to set and maintain standards. One click enables the user to download all approved logotypes, fonts, or other assets that shape your brand. Assets can be made public or password protected. Collect media mentions as well and make those assets available to influencers or brand spokesmen.
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Marketing PIM

Resolut Marketing PIM is a product information management platform. Marketing PIM helps enterprises connect product data and images to ensure consistency among assets and with brand guidelines. Marketing PIM uses a administration interface for assembling all product information in one place. One or multiple images can be added to every product, as well as a product description including headline, text, and price. You can also use several parallel languages.
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Marketing Shop

Resolut's Marketing Shop is an order management system for ready-made brochures, give-aways or other articles. Your users can easily order static or localized marketing materials in a single order. Whether the articles are from one or multiple suppliers, they are all managed within the same order, which simplifies the process for the user.
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Media Bank

Resolut's Media Bank is a digital asset management solution (DAM) designed to fit successful brands that require powerful tools. Your logotype is exposed in a correct way, with the tools’ design following your graphic guidelines and your logotypes included in emails with downloadable links.
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Online Proofing

Online Proofing is an all-in-one tool from Resolut for approvals, revisions, comments, and follow ups. It allows you to simplify the revision process and track the status of the material in each step of the approval process.
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Production Planner

Resolut's Production Planner is a production planning solution that helps you to streamline orders and follow up on production assignments. The tool makes it easier to order production and coordinate the various operators that should make the orders with help from user access settings. You get an overview of which jobs are completed, divided by who delivered, by department and how much time it took.
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Resolut Planner

Resolut Planner is a marketing planner that assists you in planning, publishing, and following up on central and local marketing activities. The tool is convenient and easily managed with smart functions for all activities and campaigns throughout the organization. Easily follow up on marketing activities in the organization, on both the central and local level.
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Web to Print

Resolut's Web to Print tool makes it simple for local marketers to create professional ads and print material that follows brand guidelines and is simple to reuse.
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