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Sensor Tower

San Francisco, California, United States
Company Overview
Sensor Tower is a San Francisco data and analytics company focused on helping marketers obtain deep insights on app performance in the marketplace. Sensor Tower features a suite of tools for gathering intelligence in order to craft better campaigns.
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Products and Services

Ad Intelligence

Ad Intelligence collects daily mobile advertising data that reveal the reach and creative content being used to promote hundreds of thousands of apps around the world. With Ad Intelligence, marketers have the insights needed to develop better user acquisition campaigns -- the platform reveals which app publishers spend the most on mobile app campaigns each week, which networks serve impressions for specific apps, and the granular details for every piece of creative content captured. With Ad Intelligence marketers can quickly see if a boost in the Top Charts was due to an ad spend, or from organic viral growth.
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App Intelligence

App Intelligence is an app store optimization platform built to get more downloads by improving app search visibility. App Intelligence monitors daily download and revenue reports, performs keyword ranking tracking and analysis in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.
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Store Intelligence

Store Intelligence is powered by robust algorithms and hundreds of millions of data points to provide deep actionable insight into the App Store and Google Play. The tool is designed for fast, daily analysis of downloads and revenue estimates for millions of apps, thousands of publishers, and all major countries and categories.
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