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Costa Mesa, California, United States
Company Overview
eritone has created the world’s first operating system for artificial intelligence. Veritone’s aiWARE operating system leverages the power of cognitive computing to transform and analyze audio, video and other data sources in an automated manner to generate actionable insights. Veritone’s aiWARE platform provides customers ease, speed and accuracy at low cost. Veritone has been among the first to be recognized by AWS for Machine Learning Expertise, and has been recognized by Oracle for Excellence in Application Development.
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Products and Services


aiWARE is a flexible OS, with best-in-class native and partner cognitive engines & applications and proprietary orchestration technology, aiWARE is trainable for anything. Employ multiple engines of various classes to process media files for transcription, translation, face recognition, redaction, object recognition, logo identification, sentiment and OCR.
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Veritone Automate Studio

Veritone Automate Studio is a low-code, web-based workflow designer tightly integrated with aiWARE. Automate Studio helps organizations embarking on intelligent process automation (IPA) and hyperautomation initiatives to rapidly deploy AI-powered workflows without heavy coding and AI expertise, and integrate resulting content insights into legacy applications and business processes at scale.
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Veritone Discovery

Veritone Discovery is a media search and analysis application. Features include a robust analytics suite, allowing for advanced customization and data visualization. Featuring a highly intuitive user interface design, the already industry-leading media search capability in Discovery now enables even greater accuracy specifically for brand spotting and mentions.
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