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New Delhi, New Delhi, India
Company Overview
Zelto Inc (previously known as AdPushup Inc), is a US based leading technology solution provider for web publishers.
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Products and Services


The AdPushup ad optimization tool is built to continuously optimize your website's ad layout, testing and performing in-content optimization, visual ad management and UX optimization, including reporting and analytics for measuring performance.
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AdRecover is a user-friendly solution to recover lost revenue due to adblocked traffic. With one line of Javascript, you can set up AdRecover on your website to unlock ad delivery to site visitors who are using ad blocking extensions. AdRecover never compromises the user experience, creating a win-win situation for the visitors as well as the publishers. AdRecover educates the users about how banner ads help keep the world's information free, accessible and the editorial unbiased. Users have an option to opt-out and report when they don't like certain ads, on which we ensure prompt action.
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