Direct Mail Measurement

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Direct Mail Measurement & Attribution tools attribute success via a number of channels including direct mail, or track engagements via direct mail. 

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Accelerated Insights Simulator is a cloud-based application that gives you secure access to testing results for direct mail campaigns. Its dashboard allows sorting by any set of variables, showing what lift can be gained over a control set of mailing...
Attribution with IP Targeting from Semcasting assigns a persistent ID to the IP address in the match process to prove performance through the delivery of impressions, a click-through, website visits and even an in-store purchase.
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Basis Assistant is a web browser extension for media professionals to document how they are adjusting campaign tactics in-flight across all their campaigns. Work on current tasks without switching programs and reduce the number of third-party tools (...
Chat Center is a mobile-ready, customizable SaaS chat widget. Chat Center offers advanced features including Universal Chat Names or IDs, Chat IDs that are expressed as URLs, and a “Click to Chat” button that can be activated from any web or email li...
El Toro is a location-based ad tool that targets digital ads to a customer by matching their IP address with their physical address, bringing a wide variety of banner and display ads to the sites the targeted customer visits on the Internet.
PebblePost is a closed-loop Programmatic Direct Mail platform. PebblePost automates the process of sending physical mail to website shoppers within 12-24 hours of a site visit.
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