Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM)

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Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) tools apply the results of collected analytics in order to measure the real-world impact of marketing campaigns on sales. By analyzing the conversions driven by each initiative across the entire marketing mix, marketers can compile an accurate view of what's working and what isn't, so that they can optimize future campaigns and get the best possible Return-on-Investment (ROI).

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Kvantum enables agile marketing & consumer analytics through our real time attribution and optimization technology. Kvantum combines top down marketing mix modeling with bottom up customer level attribution modeling.
Markops is entry-level marketing simulation software. The simulation focuses on key principles of operational marketing, and participating teams have to collaborate with a number of corporate and divisional levels including R&D, finance, HR, producti...
The OptiMine Intent platform is a marketing mix opimization tool leveraging machine learning to deliver detailed, actionable and optimized marketing budgets showing the precise playbook to deliver the strongest marketing payback. OptiMine sophisticat...
By Proof
Proof is a marketing mix modeling tool that demonstrates the business impact and value created by marketing, communications and other teams. Proof not only baselines precisely what marketing does, it can help model marketing strategies and spend acro...
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