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San Francisco, California, United States
Company Overview
AdLabs provides Paid-Search ad creation, optimization, and analysis powered by AI. AdLabs creates hundreds of thousands of ads every year and has optimized over $2 billion in ad spend.
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Products and Services

Ad Creation

Ad Creation is a system that uses AI/Machine-Learning and lexical analytics to create optimized ad content that produces results. It an create RSA, IETA, and other text content types incorporating cultural nuances across multiple languages. It scales to 1000s per day to meet the requirements of the largest advertisers.
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Ad Insights

Ad Insights uses rigorous data analytics to identify and quantify the positive and negative impact of specific words and phrases in each ad. It develops valuable insight into the emotional sentiments driving performance to improve both ad content and other marketing communications.
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Ad Optimization

Ad Optimization offers 24/7 performance monitoring of numerous campaign metrics to identify underperforming ads. Drive ROI by automatically deploying new and creative ads to keep your business at top of mind with your audience.
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