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St. Louis, Missouri, United States
Company Overview
Advocado helps advertisers connect with audiences at the Micro-moments when they are most interested, and with 81% of Internet users watching TV with a connected device within reach, when a message engages them, they are reflexively turning to that device to act on a need to learn something, do something or discover something. Advocado provides brands new insights into the behavior of today’s consumer across channels.
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Products and Services

Advocado Activate

Advocado Activate automatically triggers digital campaigns (like search) in perfect sync with TV advertising. Advocado makes it possible for advertisers to connect with consumers during that precise moment (or micro-moment) when they want to know, go, do, or buy something. It does this by transforming TV into a real-time bidding engine for search.
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Advocado Analyze

Advocado Analyze is an attribution tool offering real-time audience insights including time on site, visits, pages, spot creative, region and even specific TV channels. Track digital engagement driven from TV with Advocado's real-time explicit and implicit attribution. Access detailed attribution reports for each TV driven web visitor, which contain both the broadcast and digital engagement information about each session.
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