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Menlo Park, California, United States
Company Overview
conDati applies machine learning and data science techniques to developing out-of-the-box solutions that transform massive volumes of customer, event, and transaction data into accessible insights and usable information.
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Products and Services

conDati Analytics

conDati Analytics provides marketing executives and marketing practitioners with a portfolio of cloud-based, purpose-built notebooks that address specific domains of marketing operations, performance, and contribution. By combining and synchronizing data from multiple sources, conDati Analytics reveals hidden relationships and correlations, and enables direct comparisons among campaigns and over time -- all with data as current as you want it to be, down to the second. Machine learning techniques create predictive models for activity, conversions, and revenue that incorporate history and seasonality. Set alerts for real-time anomaly detection; drill-down to understand causal factors for high or low performance. With causes and correlations revealed, optimization models show how to invest marketing resources to maximize revenue, profit, and customer success in order to achieve the greatest ROI on Marketing.
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conDati Hub

The conDati Hub is built on Snowflake's award-winning cloud-based data warehouse. With Snowflake, conDati can deliver complex analytics and visualizations on big data, at scale, with high-performance and security. conDati can collect, store, and analyze as much data as your systems produce. They don't need to limit the size of the database, or resort to statistical sampling. Data elements appear in the Hub as soon as they are generated by the source system, so data latency is reduced to seconds. conDati's data management technology provides rapid response time to the browser for analyses, dashboards, and reports. The data from every conDati client is held in its own self-contained Docker instance: they will never mix your data with anyone else's data. Snowflake and the underlying AWS services add best-in-class practices in physical and cybersecurity.
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conDati Workbench

The conDati Workbench is the suite of data management and software development tools that conDati uses to integrate and analyze large data volumes from multiple systems. Workbench is conDati's internal toolkit to create advanced marketing analyses based on curated best-practices data science. conDati uses the most current and powerful open source development tools to create robust, secure, and maintainable applications and visualizations. Current APIs supported include Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, HubSpot, Salesforce, Marketo, Cordial, Facebook and other social media, with many others in development.
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