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New York, New York, United States
Company Overview
Datorama is a global marketing intelligence company that provides a powerful marketing data hub to help executives, analysts and IT professionals quickly manage and confidently execute upon vast amounts of data. Datorama was acquired by Salesforce in 2018.
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Products and Services


Datorama provides a complete view into the performance of all marketing initiatives by mining data from a variety of sources, combining and interpreting the data and presenting easy-to-manage results. Easily combine every marketing channel and data source, including paid media, website and page-level analytics, social activities and more. Generate enhanced insights, then stream all data into the Datorama Dynamic Landing Zone -- a patent-pending innovation that applies advanced machine learning to the process of mapping new sources of marketing information.
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Datorama Genius

Datorama Genius is an AI-assisted data integration platform that synthesizes data from a variety of sources so that performance marketers can get a detailed overview. Datorama Genius uses automated regression modelling and statistical analysis methods to reveal insights –and optimization paths– across all of your data. Genius helps complete the picture of total marketing performance management so you can make smarter decisions faster. Now you can transform your disparate data into better KPI performances faster than ever thought possible.
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Datorama LiteConnect

LiteConnect is a dashboard tool which transforms spreadsheets or "flat" files into interactive dashboards. Files uploaded through LiteConnect are viewed independently through the platform, so it does not need to be mapped separately to a data model. LiteConnect is enabled with artificial intelligence that allows the platform to determine the best way to present marketing data.
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Datorama SmartLenses

SmartLenses analyze your top marketing sources automatically, giving you comprehensive dashboards that have all the right insights to increase performance. Leveraging Datorama's AI-powered Marketing Intelligence platform and extensive marketing domain expertise from working with thousands of brands, agencies and publishers, SmartLenses provide marketers with one-click dashboards for their popular marketing data sources to optimize performance, impact and customer loyalty.
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