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Edinburgh, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Company Overview
Blending expertise from the games industry and marketing analytics fields, deltaDNA has developed a real-time personalization and player insight platform designed for the gaming industry.
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Products and Services

deltaDNA Platform

The deltaDNA platform is a Player Relationship Management solution for the gaming industry that enables publishers and developers to better understand different player behaviors and create personalized experiences by targeting individual players in real time. The solution includes performance dashboards, slice&dice, direct access, AB testing, segmentation tools, real-time messaging, push notification as well as acquisition optimizer.
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DeltaDNA SmartAds is an in-game advertising solution that uses intelligent and independent mediation to ensure that the right ad is shown to the right user at the right time. SmartAds provides access to more than 30 Ad Networks, ensuring that fill rates and revenue are maximized by using the best quality Ad Networks to maximize eCPM. Granular data from every Network provides comparison and analysis. Available in Enterprise and On Demand versions.
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