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Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
Company Overview
Forrester has been a respected global research and advisory company for more than 40 years. Through proprietary annual research into more than half a million companies worldwide, Forrester provides business leaders with the information they need in order to craft more engaging customer-led strategies, gain deep insights, perform competitive benchmarking and boost revenue.
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Products and Services

Business Technology Strategy

Virtually every business depends on technology to drive growth. Business technologies like CRM, digital, data, analytics, and security are the basis of your ability to win, serve, and retain customers. This isn’t simply a CIO or technology management concern — it’s a core strategic priority for your company. Forrester Consulting can help you put in place a business technology (BT) strategy to fuel your ability to win in the market.
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Content Marketing Consulting

Buyers can be described as reasonably curious but terribly distracted: Content consumption behaviors follow suit. Customers expect content that is relevant to who they are, what they want, and what journey they are on. Forrester Consulting produces content that will delight and compel your customers and prospects. Gain market credibility, generate leads, and advance opportunities through thought leadership webinars, speeches, and workshops. Demonstrate the business value of your solution and accelerate your marketing and sales cycle with interactive tools. Enhance your ability to build influence by delivering objective market predictions and specific recommendations for your buyers. Highlight the opportunity and need in your marketplace, enabling you to raise the profile of your organization’s products or solutions and gain market influence.
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Customer Experience Strategy

There is a direct and powerful relationship between customer experience (CX) and revenue. But delivering high-value, personalized experiences across human and digital touchpoints is no easy task. It typically requires significant changes in focus, investments, and operations.
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CX Index

Customer Experience Index (CX Index) is an easy-to-use suite of tools that help business leaders and analysts find out how their customer experiences stack up against the competition. Based on the unique and proprietary Forrester consumer survey data, CX Index ranks consumer experience across key categories and actionable industry drivers. CX Index also includes the consulting services of Forrester’s team of CX experts.
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Digital Business Strategy

The world has gone digital — competition is increasingly based on the strength of your digital experiences and digital business. At the same time, your customers’ expectations are formed by their best experiences in any industry. There is critical work to do to win on the basis of superior digital capabilities and to harmonize those capabilities with offline operations. Forrester Consulting creates and implements strategies to create digital experiences that drive growth.
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Forrester Research

Forrester Research focuses on the hardest, most important dynamics of the day; dynamics that have the potential to create extraordinary opportunity for some and put others in desperate straits. Forrester’s Playbooks give you the tools you need to translate complex strategies into pragmatic, executable steps. Forrester’s frameworks and methodologies help bring structure and clarity to concepts, allowing you to organize thoughts and orchestrate action.
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Software Contract Negotiation

Most companies pay too much for software because they don’t know what is a good deal or how to get it. The result is that too much capital gets locked inside bad contracts. That money is not working for you and would be better invested in areas that help you win, serve, and retain your customers and grow your business. Forrester Consulting can help you negotiate better software deals, save money, and free up capital to fund other projects. They provide an independent analysis and price benchmarking of your software vendor’s proposals and can advise your procurement team on how to negotiate the best deals.
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