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Full Circle Insights

San Mateo, California, United States
Company Overview
Founded by a team of former Salesforce executives, product managers, and marketing automation specialists, Full Circle designs user-friendly products to deliver reliable marketing data inside the Salesforce platform. Full Circle Insights ensures every deal is attributed to the right campaign for accurate ROI tracking. 
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Products and Services

Campaign Attribution

With Full Circle Campaign Attribution, you can get visibility into each campaign that creates and touches every opportunity. Full Circle Insights built a product to transform how you track and measure campaign performance in Salesforce with out-of-the-box and customizable attribution models. comprehensive reports provide enhanced visibility for marketers to see exactly which campaigns contributed to a deal and make targeted marketing decisions. Whether you need to segment your campaigns by type and customer size, break-down your pipeline by lead source, or view campaign trends over time, Full Circle Campaign Attribution supports performance-driven marketers with intelligence on demand to make campaign mix allocations. Leverage up to three powerful attribution models (single-touch and multi-touch) that work out-of-the-box to provide immediate insights for marketing mix optimization. Fit your model to your unique sales cycle and marketing goals with the ability to customize weightings, incorporate custom variables, and cross-compare model results. We’ve built our attribution solution to work for you on day one with the flexibility to grow with your business.
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Full Circle Response Management

FullCircle's flagship Marketing Performance Management product starts with a powerful lead lifecycle module – transforming how you capture data in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud to get you the data and analytics you need.
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Full Circle Insights introduces Full Circle Matchmaker, a 100% native Salesforce App Cloud product that enables automated Lead-to-Account matching, Lead-to-Contact conversion, and Lead-to-Salesperson assignment. (coming soon) Full Circle Matchmaker intelligently matches Leads to Accounts, all natively within Salesforce to enhance your system of record for sales Leads and Accounts. Full Circle Matchmaker utilizes fuzzy matching and supports configurable fields for matching algorithms based on Salesforce field types. The Full Circle team has built flexible configuration for the automated matching, conversion, and assignment rules into Full Circle Matchmaker’s easy-to-use UI. Pick rules for matching Leads to the right Accounts, customize when a Lead should auto-convert to a Contact, and set assignment triggers to assign to the right Account Owner.
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Opportunity Gatekeeper

Opportunity Gatekeeper is powered by Full Circle Insights and 100% native on the Salesforce1 Platform. Define Contact or Account fields that automatically pre-populate to Opportunity fields when creating opportunities off Contact records. Standardize how your sales teams create opportunities and ensure all opportunities records are complete. Create opportunities off people and drive primary campaign association when campaign history is present. Get better Opportunity sourcing and attribution reports. Although a part of Response Management, Opportunity Gatekeeper is also available as a standalone product.
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