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Lithium Technologies

San Francisco, California, United States
Company Overview
Lithium Technologies provides software to create Social Customer Experiences, helping companies grow brand advocacy, drive sales, reduce costs and accelerate innovation.
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Products and Services


Klout identifies, targets and ranks social influencers and enables brands to offer exclusive rewards to top influencers, such as early access to new products, a VIP event/experience or a digital promotion, and discounts.
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Lithium Online Communities

Lithium Community enables brands to turn their website into a social destination. Users can start and run their own conversation spaces and create focus groups, fan clubs, beta programs, or user groups. Creating a social hub, customer conversations drive sales, accelerate innovation, and reduce the cost of delivering great customer service.
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Lithium Reach

Lithium Reach is a social media management tool designed to simplify and automate posting with an auto-scheduler powered by Klout. Reach drives more social engagement and makes your social marketing team more efficient.
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Lithium Response

Lithium Response (formerly Lithium Social Web) is a social media listening and response tool to help manage the explosion of social customer service inquiries without sacrificing quality. Designed to drive traffic to online communities and boost customer service, companies can quickly respond to conversations on social networks and direct them to knowledge bases and more.
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Lithium Social Media Analytics

Lithium Social Media Anaytics measures and improves the performance of your social programs by gaining insights into community health, response times, conversations, and contributors.
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