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Seattle, Washington, United States
Company Overview
Mobilewalla collects all publicly available information regarding mobile apps, computes analytics on top of this data, and supplies app intelligence and audience measurement to ad networks, ad exchanges, ad agencies, brands, publishers, telecom companies and investment firms.
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Products and Services

Mobilewalla Audience Segments

Mobilewalla Segments is a comprehensive collection of consumer audience segments for mobile marketing, developed through the application of proprietary data science techniques on massive amounts of base data.
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Mobilewalla Identity

Mobilewalla Identity is cross-channel identity resolution tool. Map customer engagement across channels using the mobile ID as a persistent key. Mobilewalla helps you understand individual interactions across channels so you can create a consistent consumer identity. Activity can be associated with online and offline behavior and used to map the path to purchase helping to better understand customer journeys and the effectiveness of advertising spend.
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