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San Francisco, California, United States
Company Overview
Square helps anyone take care of their business. Square's complete register service is a full point of sale with tools for every part of running a business, from accepting credit cards to inventory tracking, and small business financing.
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Products and Services

Square Analytics

Square Analytics is an analytics solution that provides a holistic view of an e-commerce business including sales, inventory, and customer insight.
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Square Customer Directory

Square Customer Directory is a contact management solution enabling users to manage and track vital customer information in one place. The solution allows users to sort and search customers and see spending habits or when they last visited.
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Square Ecommerce

Square Ecommerce enables users to start selling online and set up an e-commerce site in minutes. The solution has three options -- sell on the Square site, with a third party e-commerce site or on a user's own site.
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Square Feedback

Square Feedback is a customer service solution that allows people to leave private feedback directly from their digital receipt.
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Square for Restaurants

Square for Restaurants is a specialized point-of-sale system with on-demand delivery integration. Square for Restaurants lets managers update menus and floor layouts remotely across multiple POS terminals and restaurant locations. The system also offers built-in employee management tools, tip splitting, and fraud protection.
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Square Instant Deposit

Square Instant Deposit allows sellers can now get their money into their bank account in minutes after the sale, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Instant Deposit offers retailers the option to click a button in the Square App to get their funds into their bank account in around 20 minutes. All they need to do is link their bank account to their Square account.
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Square Loyalty

Square Loyalty is a digital rewards program that is designed to encourage customer loyalty.
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Square Marketing

Square Marketing allows businesses to easily create e-mail campaigns. The solution offers simple mobilized email templates and a distribution list to let businesses create campaigns in minutes. Built on top of sales data, Square Marketing provides insight into both standard email campaign data and a direct impact of marketing on sales.
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Square Reader

Square Reader is a hardware solution that allows everyone to take payments on their smartphone or tablet. The device plugs into the standard headset jack of a smartphone or tablet. Card information is encrypted at the moment of swipe.
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Square Register

Square Register is a free app that manages payments, tipping, digital receipts, inventory, and reports.
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