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Saskatoon, Canada
Company Overview
Vendasta provides a sales and marketing automation platform targeting agencies and media companies. The company also offers a wholesale marketplace of best-in-class solutions to cover all aspects of digital marketing for local businesses.
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Products and Services

Vendasta 10x Platform

Vendasta 10x Platform is a local sales and marketing automation platform. Purpose-built for local agencies and media companies, the platform is anchored by evergreen content marketing and automated prospecting to scale sales efforts. Vendasta seeks to boost partners' marketing and sales efficiency, and also drastically lower their cost per customer acquisition. The 10X platform helps companies market and sell their own products--from print to digital--and provides them with foundational digital products like reputation management, local listings syndication, and social marketing that bring incremental revenue from existing customers and allow them to sell into new verticals.
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Marketing Function Automation, Customer Acquisition, Customer Engagement and Retention