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Neptune, New Jersey, United States
Company Overview
WorkWave LLC (formerly Marathon Data Systems) specializes in products and services for field service management and “last mile” fleet management. WorkWave provides an integrated suite of mobile-first, cloud-based software including PestPac, WorkWave Service, Service CEO, WorkWave Route Manager, WorkWave GPS, WorkWave Marketing and ContactUs. This comprehensive offering provides its 9,000+ customers with an unprecedented level of insight and information about their business that empowers them to delight their end-customers at every touch point and supercharge their business. WorkWave is an IFS company.
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Products and Services

Field Service Management

WorkWave Field Service Management is a suite of solutions designed to improve the day-to-day operations of service-oriented business. An intelligent route optimization tool plans the most efficient and practical routes, reducing drive time and fuel costs. GPS tools provide real-time insight into vehicle location, as well as the ability to improve safety and performance. WorkWave Field Service Management Solutions includes PestPac, WorkWave Service, ServiceCEO, WorkWave Route Manager and WorkWave GPS.
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Lead Management

WorkWave Lead Management is a powerful and easy-to-use lead tracking and CRM system with full integration with WorkWave PestPac and WorkWave Service fleet management software. WorkWave Lead Management gives you the ability to track every lead in your sales funnel from the moment of first contact until the lead actually becomes a customer, then continue to manage and nurture the account.
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WorkWave Marketing Sales Center

WorkWave Marketing Sales Center is a sales and marketing platform that integrates directly into WorkWave PestPac, enabling users to grow their businesses and transform their sales processes. This platform helps business owners drive new sales and improve productivity by simplifying the capture and tracking of new leads, creating processes that close opportunities faster, and using dashboards for greater accountability. By instantly capturing payment information when signing on a new customer, conveniently offering new services, improving transparency with digital contracts, and providing touchless interactions on proposals and agreements, users gain the ability to elevate the experience they provide while creating new customers.
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