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Brewster, New York, United States
Company Overview
Alliant specializes in providing long-term customers for subscription and replenishment marketers. Driven by their proprietary data hub, Alliant’s approach to large-scale data management delivers the precision required for multichannel modern marketing.
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Products and Services

Alliant Campaign Intelligence

Alliant Campaign Intelligence is a predictive modeling solution that projects the performance of a campaign against the profit triggers that drive P&L.
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Alliant Consumer Audiences

Alliant Consumer Audiences is a data solution that taps Alliant’s multi-enterprise view of consumer purchasing behaviors and selected third-party sources to provide response-driven audiences for more profitable postal, email, and co-targeted display campaigns.
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Alliant Engage

Alliant Engage is a solution for on-demand predictive data for improved lead conversion and lifetime value. On-demand data delivery from Alliant gives you exactly the insight you need to truly engage with your prospect and deliver precisely the right product, price, or payment plan.
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Alliant Online Audiences

Alliant Online Audiences (AOA) delivers online and offline transactional data for improved targeting and productivity in display, video, mobile, and social campaigns.
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