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Arlington, VA, United States
Company Overview
APT’s big data, cloud-based analytics software operates from the classic evidence-based management principle in which services or products are tested on a smaller scale before being rolled out to a large-scale audience. APT sells a number of products with Test and Learn being their flagship offering.
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Products and Services

APT Engage

APT Engage uses proprietary analytics to provide organizations with a 360 degree view of customer spending behavior across industries, channels, and over time.
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APT Index

APT Index is a software product that collects the sales data for national locations of retail and restaurant companies and analyzes sales performance, helping decision-makers assess what drives high and low performance.
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Category Management Insights

Category Management Insights measures the impact of adding and removing SKUs from product Categories, measures product Categories against each other for sales performance, and highlights factors that contribute. Category Management Insights is a cloud-based solution that collects a massive amount of sales activity and aggregates it in one central place, then analyzes it to provide insights for Category Managers.
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Market Basket Analyzer

APT’s Market Basket Analyzer software platform collects and analyzes customer transactional data for business decision-makers to understand customer behavior.
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Network Planner

Network Planner is a cloud-based advanced analytics software that provides businesses with data about the predicted impact of new locations.
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Space Planning Optimizer

APT’s Space Planning Optimizer helps retail companies optimize space allocation across stores, departments, and categories. By controlling for external factors, the software determines the change in financial performance directly caused by each change in space allocation.
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Test & Learn for Customers

Test & Learn for Customers is advanced analytics for testing the impact of action and reaction across a broad range of initiatives. Test & Learn for Customers is cloud-based, automated and can aggregate massive amounts of customer data all in one place so that decision-makers can analyze and measure the impact of sales initiatives.
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