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Warwick, Warwickshire, United Kingdom
Company Overview
Apteco develops a suite of marketing data analysis and campaign automation software. The company's flagship platform is FastStats, a tool that empowers marketers with data visualisation, mining, predictive modeling, profiling, multi-channel campaign management, reporting, and more.
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Products and Services

FastStats Discoverer

FastStats Discoverer is a marketing analysis tool designed for better data exploration, data mining and customer behavioral insight. The visual, simple to use functionality provides a flexible way to compile, access, interpret and display data without the need to involve IT.
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FastStats PeopleStage

FastStats PeopleStage is multichannel campaign management software that helps create and manage personalized marketing communication. The platform uses process flow diagrams to map out campaigns, and campaigns can be converted into templates for reuse in future initiatives. The results of each campaign are collected automatically and used to identify what worked and what needs improvement for best possible ROI.
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