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London, United Kingdom
Company Overview
Cablato’s hyper-personalised campaigns tap into the values and sentiments of each and every consumer when serving an ad - combining insight with in-depth data including interest, intent, page context, time of day and location to create an ad in real-time that is relevant to them.
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Products and Services

Cablato Digital Management Platform (DMP)

Cablato DMP connects with any number of data providers to access third party and first party data in your own CRM system for more precise prospecting, retargeting and creative personalisation. It can also collect details of your consumers’ behaviour from your websites as well as partner and publisher web properties.
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Cablato Dynamic Ad Server

Cablato's Dynamic Ad Server is a high performance, real-time ad server that uses the recommendations to assemble and deliver thousands of variants of personalized creative to reach each and every consumer, whatever they’re viewing on, wherever they are. The ad server can deliver dynamic creative through any Demand Side Platform on the market. A full interrogation with a number of DSP partners also allows us to use our logic engine to influence Real Time Bidding
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Intelligent Recommendations

Intelligent Recommendations is a logic engine that interrogates the data in the DMP to make real-time decisions on exactly which creative elements and messaging to display. This logic engine can also keep track of business needs, by connecting to Enterprise Resource Planning systems. It can ingest product, pricing and transaction data, then combine this with data on consumer behaviour and other third party feeds to make highly relevant recommendations.
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