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Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Company Overview
CaféX is a WebRTC pioneer that helps companies accelerate business results by engaging customers, partners and employees in new and delightful ways.The company specializes in real-time communication for mobile & web, customer & workforce contextual collaboration, in-app video & live assistance, and visual self-service.
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Products and Services


Chime creates virtual workspaces that bring the right people, information and activities together to drive business outcomes. Chime also brings every user instantly into online meetings at work, home or in public with one click video collaboration on every browser and mobile device. There’s no added software for users to install, with secure connectivity through firewalls to existing conferencing systems.
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Enterprise WebRTC

Enterprise WebRTC helps elevate customer and workforce engagement through easy-to-use toolkits. With RTC, it's easy to embed HD voice and video calling within mobile applications and websites, integrated natively with iOS & Android. CaféX was among the first to bring WebRTC to mobile apps, support all major browser platforms and integrate with existing enterprise communications systems.
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Live Assist for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Live Assist for Microsoft Dynamics 365 lets you personalize live assistance from your website and apps with chat, co-browse and video support. Hosted in the Azure cloud, the combined solution embeds real-time customer interaction within the Unified Service Desk and web clients for Dynamics 365. The immersive solution extends in-app live assistance to customers, who can interact with service representatives via text chat, co-browsing, click-to-call and face-to-face video collaboration.
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Live Assist Kickstart

Live Assist Kickstart accelerates live digital customer engagement projects through an easy-to-use wizard with no coding required. Business users can quickly configure and test voice calling, video chat, co-browse embedded within mobile and web applications. Once users select their choices, Kickstart auto-generates code for rapid implementation.
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Live Assist Short Code

Live Assist Short Code lets you easily embed real-time collaboration in apps to transform mobile and web engagement for customers. With two lines of code, Live Assist enables experts to co-browse with users, see and remotely control their apps or websites, fill out forms, annotate and share files while hiding sensitive fields.
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Supervisor Assist

Supervisor Assist helps make contact center agents more effective by providing them with live coaching during customer calls. From anywhere on any web browser, supervisors can listen to customer conversations, text chat with agents, see agents' desktops and even highlight or click through sections for enhanced real-time interaction.
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