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Commanders Act

Paris, Île-de-France, France
Company Overview
SaaS solutions publisher, Commanders Act allows better control of prospective and customer data. Thanks to a global, complete and performing approach, Commanders Act allows its customers to manage more efficiently their digital transformation.
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Products and Services


DataCommander by Commanders Act gives marketers insights into their audience and identify segment-specific opportunities for action.
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FuseCommander is a user identity solution that works in real time to match your audience’s identities. Using deterministic methodology, it provides real-time identification of your visitors from the first click.
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MixCommander uses a people-based measurement that fuses Ad-Centric, Site-Centric and CRM-Centric approaches to optimize your media budget and understand the customer journey.
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TagCommander is a tag management system that helps companies to better manage IT resources, accelerate marketing activities and improve campaign performance.
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