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Bangalore, Tamil Nadu, India
Company Overview
DemandFarm is a software product to manage and grow Key Accounts in B2B companies. DemandFarm helps organizations sow, nurture and harvest the richest possible relationship with Key Accounts. We call it FARmING® your Key Accounts. Unlock the true potential of your Key Accounts 1. Greater Visibility of Key Accounts to Leadership 2. Increased efficiency of Account Managers 3. Institutionalize Account Management through best practices woven in to DemandFarm
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Products and Services

DemandFarm Key Account Management

DemandFarm operates within Salesforce to manage and grow key accounts in B2B companies. It leverages the feature White Space Mapping, an interactive, visual representation of details about strategic accounts and opportunities. Relationship Mapping enables users to build an org chart within a Salesforce CRM with a drag-and-drop tool. The Communication Matrix lets teams map all meetings between the account team and customer team into an insightful chart. Other features enable annual planning around key accounts and visualization tools for metrics from financials to customer communications.
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