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American Fork, Utah, United States
Company Overview
Domo features a Business Intelligence (BI) platform designed to align and achieve the business goals of organizations of all sizes, empowering employees to quickly access data from spreadsheets, cloud-based apps, data warehouses, databases, and social media in one place on multiple devices.
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Products and Services


Domo is an executive data management platform designed to provide direct access to business data without any IT involvement. Managers can monitor sales and inventories in real time, and online marketers access to real data to improve decision making. Domo connects marketers directly to all their sources of marketing data, from spreadsheets, web analytics, social media, marketing automation, and CRMs.
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Domo Media Suite

The Domo Media Suite is a platform for media buyers and publishers consolidating complex systems and data sets. Demo Media Suite consists of three products to help the entire media and marketing ecosystem. The Programmatic Revenue App, Programmatic Buying App, and a campaign wrap-up report that simplifies the time-consuming and repetitive task of campaign performance reporting.
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