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Seattle, Washington, United States
Company Overview
Ideoclick builds software and tools to enable manufacturers and retailers to better control and grow the ecommerce channel. We help launch and manage products using a suite of software to ensure you always know what is going on with your products are are proactively adapting and growing your business.
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Products and Services

Demand Driver

IdeoClick Demand Driver allows marketers to leverage digital assets to influence search and marketing on eCommerce platforms. When shared, the concentrated activity from these assets has substantial influence on the merchandising programs of e-tail and omni-channel sites. A must-include in any marketing budget - sharing this data further leverages the traffic that’s already been acquired through existing marketing spend.
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Pulse Advertising

Pulse Advertising from Ideoclick is an intelligent media investment tool that helps put performance data into context so brands can optimize every ad budget, make better business decisions, and find the best opportunities to win on Amazon and beyond. As a part of Ideoclick’s Pulse Platform, this tool enables speed and scale so you can campaign faster, smarter and stronger – by automating and infusing client logic and best practices into ad scheduling and bidding. The solution pulls data out of silos and into context, delivering holistic insights into factors affecting campaign success on Amazon and other retail media networks to inform smarter campaign strategies. Key features include, automated bidding, day-parting and event scheduling.
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Share of Search

Share of Search is analytics solution for consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands seeking to target how a consumer on Amazon using Amazon search share analytics and competitive benchmarking
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