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Sunrise, Florida, United States
Company Overview
SproutLoud Media Networks, LLC is a technology company focused on servicing the brand and marketing resource management needs of large corporate networks. SproutLoud helps brands execute marketing programs through the local businesses that sell their products and services.
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Products and Services

SproutLoud Analytics

With SproutLoud Analytics, brands can monitor campaign performance across one or many channel partners, or the entire network. Compare the ROI on digital vs. traditional, evaluate individual ad effectiveness and offer success in campaigns and tactics, and get relevant data so that you can respond to changing conditions in local markets in real time.
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SproutLoud Launchpad

SproutLoud Launchpad is a single, cloud-based console where brands select tactics, choose channel partners, attach funds and execute campaigns. Brands can log into Launchpad 24/7 from any browser to select assets and marketing tactics, then choose which channel partners have access. Centralized marketing resource management means less money spent on vendor management.
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SproutLoud Partner Portal

SproutLoud Partner Portal is an easy-to-use platform designed to take the difficulty out of participating in Co-Op campaigns, encouraging channel partners to execute multi-tactic traditional and digital campaigns. Partner Portal lets channel partners search by keywords to easily find the brand campaigns and tactics they need to support your marketing goals. Dynamic templates with built-in Ad-Builder technology make it easy to build and customize ads.
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SproutLoud Studio

SproutLoud Studio is a brand management platform that helps brands keep all channel partners on the same page, eliminating brand compliance issues. SproutLoud Studio is a central hub where brands and their agencies can manage and share preconfigured, brand-approved templates that channel partners can use to build brand-compliant ads. Localizing ads and assets in SproutLoud Studio takes a fraction of the time and money it would’ve taken vendors.
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SproutPay Instant Funding

SproutPay Instant Funding is a Co-Op Advertising solution. With SproutPay, funds from Brands and Partners are simultaneously and instantly applied to Brand-compliant local marketing campaigns. SproutPay reduces the complexity, instances of fraud and ineffective tactics of Co-Pay Advertising. Building ads, managing vendors and submitting claims helps increase channel partner participation, influence marketing decisions and provide brands with clarity on the ROI of every channel dollar spent.
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