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Los Angeles, California, United States
Company Overview
SRAX (formerly Social Reality) leads innovation in the digital advertising market by providing automated tools that improve performance. With social engagement solutions, customer reward apps and an ad exchange platform, we empower you to discover better ways to target your customers. From traditional banner advertising to mobile, video and social, our products drive quantifiable engagement to wherever your brand experience lives.
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Products and Services


SRAX BIGtoken platform is a consumer-managed data marketplace that enables end-users to bundle their data and get rewards when third parties use their data. BIGtoken is a secure and transparent environment for consumers to own, verify and sell their data using Blockchain. BIGtoken allows the public to import their data from Facebook, increasing the value that information for third-party marketers.
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GroupAd is a library of social media marketing apps that allow brands to identify and reward their most valuable customers through compelling contests and content. An integrated dashboard tracks campaign performance and delivers insight into brand advocacy and customer loyalty. Detailed analytics, including demographic information, enables precise personalized retargeting that increases ca
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Social Reality Ad Exchange

The Social Reality Ad Exchange connects online publishers seeking to monetize their websites with demand partners and buyers. Proprietary Real-time Bidding (RTB) technology powers a programmatic marketplace and custom-built trading desks. Joining multiple auctions and platforms, SRAX makes it easier and more efficient to optimize display, video, mobile and in-app advertising.
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SRAX Reach

SRAX Reach matches premium content with ads in a custom ad unit that is built to perform in an engagement-driven world. Content owners, marketers and advertisers share guaranteed revenue from a fixed budget buy, through premium brand-safe interactive delivered at scale on multiple screens.
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SRAX Shopper

SRAXshopper is a customer identity tool for retailers. It targets shoppers visiting advertisers' key retailers by layering social and shopping data with media buying to enable marketers to message a single, verified shopper across multiple devices and inventory sources. SRAX's shopper marketing technology automates the discovery of shoppers and their characteristics, amplifying and targeting shoppers to drive sales lift – all while tracking online to offline attribution
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SRAX Social

SRAX Social combines a social media management platform and social strategy services with the power of programmatic technology and big data to strengthen your competitive digital edge.
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