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Livonia, Michigan, United States
Company Overview
Valassis provides an intelligent media delivery platform, providing over 15,000 clients with innovative media solutions to influence consumers wherever they plan, shop, buy and share. By integrating online and offline data combined with powerful insights, Valassis precisely targets its clients’ most valuable shoppers, offering unparalleled reach and scale.
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Products and Services

Connected Analytics

Connected Analytics is a customer analytics tool that combines proprietary data and sales insight to fuel omnichannel marketing strategies designed to maximize ROI and profitability. Using a Combination of patented Valassis Consumer Graph intelligence, proprietary coupon redemption and permissioned client sales data, Connected Analytics provides brands with an expanded understanding of the promotion landscape, presenting greater holistic insights to motivate consumer purchase.
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Consumer Graph

Valassis Consumer Graph makes shopping behavior, in-market intent and store preferences of consumers available to advertisers at the individual, household and neighborhood levels.
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Digital Advertising

Valassis Digital Advertising platform builds awareness to drive shoppers to stores via display advertising, email marketing, digital coupons and dynamic mobile offers.
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Direct Mail

Valassis targeted Direct Mail options include inserts, wraps and postcards allowing for an easy and cost-effective way to reach millions of households.
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Illumis is a marketing platform that combines best-in-class technologies, innovative media and robust intelligence, to enable marketers with the ability to directly tie insights-led strategies to high-performing consumer engagement. Illumis includes intelligence for marketers to discover new high-value markets, targets and ways to reach consumers, the ability to identify media best suited for each audience and to act on that intelligence in channels and moments that best motivate purchase.
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In-Store Advertising

Valassis In-Store Advertising options include shelf talkers, floor graphics and coupon dispensers. All are focused on Intelligent Media Delivery providing easy, at-shelf solutions that garner attention, engage and drive action.
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Marketing Analytics

Valassis uses a data-driven intelligence platform to optimize media plans, target responsive, local customers and simulate and predict consumer performance.
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