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33Across Inc.

New York, New York, United States
Company Overview
New York-based 33Across offers tools and services that give top publishers a better way to earn revenue, optimize yield, and gain actionable insight across devices. The 33Across monetization and traffic building tools allow publishers to do what they do best—create great content.
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Products and Services

Real Audience

Real Audience is a suite of data solutions for buyers that includes AudienceID, AudiencePulse and AudienceMax, all built on a data foundation powering over 30 billion unique intent and interest signals monthly for 80% of the United States. Buyers get access to true user intent with unique signals like copy & paste activity, keyword searches, and content consumption.
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Real Platform

Real Platform is a cross-channel programmatic advertising platform that provides 100% viewiblilty and fraud-free campaigns to buyers. Integral Ad Science data measures viewability and helps 33Across prevent suspicious traffic from entering into their guaranteed marketplace. 33Across Real Platform partners with top DSPs, Trading Desks, Networks and Agencies.
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RevCTRL provides publishers with flexible revenue opportunities. Publishers select which type of trigger drives an ad to be presented to site visitors, and the ads do not interfere with site content. Earn higher CPMs and more revenue with fewer ads on your site, and get incremental programmatic demand that won’t cannibalize direct sales.
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SiteCTRL gives publishers deep insights into how their content is actually getting shared online. The ability to track content that is copied and pasted into an email or shared across Twitter and Facebook helps publishers measure content reach, giving them insights that they can use to figure out what content boosts site traffic and better search ranking.
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