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Dublin, Leinster, Ireland {Republic}
Company Overview
Experian is a Dublin-based credit reporting agency. Experian credit reports provide background information on the credit and payment history of individuals and businesses, used by businesses to assess credit risk and decide what level of products or services to offer their customers, and on what terms. In addition, Experian features a number of marketing tools and services such as data appending, designed to provide businesses with a deeper understanding of consumer characteristics using demographic information and Mosaic USA household lifestyle segmentation.
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Products and Services


CheetahMail is Experian's advanced, data-driven email marketing software that enables marketers to build stronger relationships through collecting data for richer profiles and personalized communication. CheetahMail data management system easily and securely collects customer data. When integrated with the complete Experian Marketing Suite, marketers can take control of customer data, optimizing business engagement strategy to deliver intelligent, real time interactions across all channels.
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Experian Address Correction

Address Correction gives you the ability to obtain even more quality out of your contact data by utilizing Experian's proprietary and extensive database, all via our online batch processing. When your file is uploaded it will be run through our standard CASS CertifiedTM address verification service. Additionally, your file will be processed against Experian’s® comprehensive database, including apartment append services, to match names to addresses.
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Experian Consumer Information Services

Experian’s massive consumer data technology includes a suite of specialized email and mailing lists that advertisers and agencies can use to identify and target specific households, individuals and businesses. In addition, Experian features a number of marketing tools and services such as data appending, designed to provide businesses with a deeper understanding of consumer characteristics using demographic information and Mosaic USA household lifestyle segmentation.
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Experian CrossCore

Experian CrossCore is an identity and fraud prevention platform. CrossCore combines risk-based authentication, identity proofing and fraud detection into a single cloud platform. With flexible decisioning orchestration and advanced analytics, businesses can make real-time risk decisions throughout the customer lifecycle.
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Experian Customer Data Engine

Experian Customer Data Engine (CDE) enables marketers seeking a modern and easy-to-use hosted customer data solution. CDE provides marketers with a centralized platform, hosted at Experian, for 1st and 3rd party data that is managed and updated on an ongoing basis in a secure environment. CDE also provides analytical tools, lookalike prospects, campaign management, audience distribution, and closed-loop measurement.
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Experian Customer Intelligence Platform (CIP)

Experian Customer Intelligence Platform (CIP) leverages a three hub approach to capture and integrate data from across channels (Integration), understand how to maximize customer value (Intelligence), and optimize customer interactions with context and relevance (Interaction).
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Experian Data Quality

Experian Data Quality is a comprehensive customer data management suite that help users maintain the accuracy of their customer records and reduce the errors and additional costs associated with bad customer data.
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Experian Data Select

Data Select is an online list-fulfillment tool for direct-marketing professionals, that provides easy online selection and delivery of marketing list counts and orders.
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Experian Email Insights

Email Insights is a collaborative email service, compatible with any email service provider (ESP), that helps marketers gain insight and intelligence into their email subscribers’ behaviors and activities. Gain a complete picture of email subscribers by linking traditionally siloed databases and insights such as in-store shoppers, loyalty program members and mobile app users, to email marketing list.
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Experian Marketing Engine

Experian Marketing Engine, built for the automotive industry, is a targeting tool for advertisers. Experian Marketing Engine targets potential buyers with a combination of consumer and vehicle purchase behaviors, ownership data, credit statistics and digital identity. Experian enables you to zero in online and offline, based on purchase propensity, automotive equity, off-lease/loan and owner information.
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Experian Marketing Suite

The Experian Marketing Suite is a data management solution that unites Experian's customer identity, analytics and cross-channel marketing solutions into a single platform so that marketers can create and deliver intelligent interactions with customers.
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Experian OmniView

The OmniView platform is a persistent linkage platform that ingests large amounts of fragmented data and links it in a meaningful way to help marketers understand how customers are engaging in-store and across all media channels. Use these insights to deliver consistent messages across channels, provide relevant product recommendations, and grow the loyalty base.
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Experian Response Attribution

Response Attribution allows marketers to marry their world of online marketing campaigns to customers’ offline response. Marketers can now learn how their email and digital marketing efforts are driving response not only to their website, but also to their brick and mortal locations.
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MarketingConnect (SM)

MarketingConnect (SM) is an identity resolution platform which enables brands, agencies and marketing technology vendors to connect disparate data sources to better understand audiences, build and deploy custom segments and measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Marketing Connect incorporates machine-learning algorithms, as well as deterministic and probabilistic techniques, to sift and connect billions of advanced identity signals and data elements, including MAIDs, from a wide variety of internal and external sources.
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Mosaic USA

Mosaic USA is a household-based consumer lifestyle segmentation that empowers marketers with the insights needed to anticipate the behavior, attitudes and preferences of their most profitable customers and reach them in the most effective channels with the best messages.
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OmniActivation powered by the Audience Engine

OmniActivation powered by the Audience Engine is an audience management platform that enables marketers to effectively meet today’s consumers with a one-to-one message wherever they may be, whether it’s through TV, online, mobile, email or direct mail. Users can quickly create custom audiences, launch addressable, cross channel campaigns, and measure a campaign’s return on ad spend through robust closed-loop analytics
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