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Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Company Overview
Namogoo is pioneering the market of Customer Hijacking Prevention. Namogoo’s disruptive technology identifies and blocks unauthorized ads injected into consumer web sessions that divert customers to competitor offerings, hurting conversion rates and damaging brand equity.
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Products and Services

Browser Bot Detection

Namogoo's Browser Bot Detection allows you to detect the new generation of browser bots that mimic real users’ behavior to ensure your data and metrics reflect only human visitors’ data. Browser bots are a new generation of bots running on the customer’s side and typically goes unseen by existing detection tools. Namogoo automatically classifies browser bot sessions and integrates with your analytics platform to ensure your data and metrics reflect bot-free traffic.
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Customer Hijacking Prevention

Namogoo’s Customer Hijacking Prevention technology detects and blocks unauthorized product and promotional ads injected into visitor sessions, preventing your customers from being diverted to your competitors. By eliminating unauthorized ads and invasive content from disrupting your customer journeys, Namogoo consistently increases conversion and revenue. Journey hijacking is not currently showing up on your analytics as it’s happening on the customer side. Namogoo lets you regain visibility to previously unseen hijacked sessions and renders your analytics into full use. Namogoo seamlessly integrates with your existing analytics tools for an accurate and complete view.
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Digital Insights

Namogoo's Digital Insights analyzes all 3rd party services running on your site, maps dependencies, and provides full visibility into their impact on your site performance and business KPIs. By providing complete mapping of all 3rd-party services and impact, Namogoo lets you optimize all site metrics.
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Intent Based Promotions

Namogoo’s holistic platform lets you identify and block malicious content injected to your site, detect the new generation of browser bots and gain complete visibility into all 3rd party services running in your site. The platform includes digital insights, customer hijacking prevention, and browser bot detection, and is powered by the Namogoo cloud.
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Namogoo Customer Journey OS

Namogoo's Customer Journey Operating System enables eCommerce teams to fully maximize their business potential by delivering hyper-meaningful journeys based on shoppers’ real-time needs and orchestrates all digital services running on the customer journey to work together to reach their goals. Customer Journey OS is automatically pre-populated with all the data points eCommerce teams need, simplifying the process of gathering, cleansing, integrating and standardizing disparate data streams and enabling them to execute the online journey.
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