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Omatic Software

Charleston, South Carolina, United States
Company Overview
Omatic Software is an award-winning company helping nonprofits advance their fundraising and database management.
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Products and Services


ActionOmatic provides workflow efficiency with a simplified view and ability to edit actions in Raiser’s Edge. This helps everyone in your organization use your systems more effectively with fewer clicks and an improved workflow.
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EventOmatic is advanced event management software for nonprofits. By having the ability to seamlessly integrate a customized event management system into Raiser’s Edge with a single view system, users will see all participants, guests, and necessary information on a common screen. EventOmatic also allows for full management of event details including the ability to add participants, gifts, registration fees, and placeholder guests with just one click.
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FindOmatic is a simple to use search software for Raiser’s Edge or Financial Edge. FindOmatic generates instant search results based on almost any parameter. Easily sort results with the drop-down options. Results are linked to records and a single click will open any record displayed.
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ImportOmatic is a data integration tool for Raiser's Edge. Whether you want to drill down or set up a scheduled import, ImportOmatic redefines efficient with baked-in intelligence to clean data, smart profiles for tailored processing, and new connectors that make import and export one-step process.
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MailOmatic for Accounting is an automated billing software that allows organizations to easily email invoices, paystubs, purchase orders and EFT notifications from within Financial Edge. No more printing invoices, stuffing envelopes, applying postage and spending valuable employee time on mundane tasks.
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MergeOmatic is a database merge tool for Raiser's Edge that automatically identifies duplicate records, then allows you to filter, review and merge them based on similarity scoring and importance
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Omatic Software’s PosPay solution is the only Positive Pay software application that is directly integrated with Financial Edge. Accessed directly within Financial Edge, PosPay will create “Positive Pay” data files in the format required by your bank.
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PostOmatic is a solution designed to bridge the gap between Raiser’s Edge and external financial accounting systems by allowing for accurate information to be exported in a format that is targeted for an external accounting system (such as Banner Finance, Great Plains, Quickbooks, PeopleSoft, Kuali, Serenic, etc). By defining custom parameters with the PostOmatic solution, the exported data is easily integrated with external accounting software systems, resulting in more accurate financial reporting and eliminating the room for error.
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With QueryOmatic, Raiser’s Edge users are able to gain total control over their queries across the organization so you can get a handle on which queries are being used, refresh them, and eliminate unused or outdated queries to keep everything better organized.
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RecordRadar is a constituent zip code locator. Simply specify the zip code you wish to search within and the desired radius for your search. Click the search button and RecordRadar will find all the constituents in your database within the specified parameters. RecordRadar generates a query of the results that your organization can continue to use and modify.
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Retrace is a record management solution for Retrace. Keep track of additions, deletions, and updates across records in RE, review your entire database with the intuitive search filters, and reverse unwanted changes and correct mistakes. Varying levels of access allows you to tailor your team’s needs.
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ScoreOmatic is an automated lead scoring solution for Raiser's Edge. Constituent scoring is a fantastic way to categorize and prioritize your constituents based on any criteria including contact information, behavior, interactions, and giving. Constituent scoring will reveal where to allocate time cultivating relationships for the largest return.
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SegmentOmatic allows for user-defined immediate segmentation of anything you can query within Raiser’s Edge. New version 2.0 provides advanced segmentation for Raiser’s Edge.
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