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Los Angeles, California, United States
Company Overview
We create BI products to help consolidate, process, analyze and extract insights from data. We also assist in implementing Google Analytics 360 Suite.
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Products and Services


Attribution from OWOX BI is an attribution platform that enables enterprises to discover campaigns are overvalued and which are undervalued so you can effectively redistribute your budget. Unlike standard attribution models, the OWOX BI model takes into account every step of the user before the order — not just the last click. The harder it is to pass a step, the more value a session gets that helped make it happen. And by knowing the value of sessions, you can calculate the value of campaigns, taking into account their contribution to the user’s promotion through the funnel.
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Pipeline by OWOX BI collects and processes all the data you need so you can easily build any reports and set up end-to-end analytics
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Smart Data

OWOX BI Smart Data enables sales leaders to get ready-made marketing reports using the simple OWOX BI Report Builder interface — without the help of analysts and developers or knowledge of SQL. Just select the parameters and metrics you want to see in your Smart Data report. Smart Data will instantly visualize your data in a way you can understand.
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