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Parker Software

Stoke-On-Trent, Staffordshire, England, United Kingdom
Company Overview
Parker Software's first offering upon launch in 2003 was the award-winning live chat tool WhosOn. The Parker team built upon their initial success with a suite of solutions for digital engagement, sales enablement and business process automation.
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Products and Services

Think Automation

Think Automation is a platform for robotic process automation, where enterprises can build workflows. Think Automation enables users to use If, Then, Else statements to create conditions for business use. Drag-and-drop templates allow non-technical users to create triggers and actions. Templated workflows include email parsing, auto-responses, database pulls, document processing and IT bridging.
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WhosOn is a real-time engagement solution that combines live chat, support services, and analytics tools to help businesses get closer to their customers. The tool encourages users to reach out to visitors and engage them in a live chat, based on what they are browsing. WhosOn will then offer users insight into visitor details such as location, organization, IP address, and behaviors.
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