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Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Company Overview, formerly known as Yellow Messenger, is a computer software company that provides a Conversational CX Automation platform for large brands and enterprises.
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Products and Services

Dynamic Automation Platform

Dynamic Automation Platform (DAP), powered by generative AI, enables enterprises to automate customer and employee experiences at scale with 60% reduction in their operational costs.
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DynamicNLP DynamicNLP™ eliminates the tedious process of training and labeling Natural Language Processing (NLP) models manually. This enables Dynamic AI agents to learn on the fly, helping enterprises to set up Conversational AI flows within minutes, and reduce training data-related costs and efforts. DynamicNLP™ comes with a pre-trained model built using billions of anonymized conversations, which helps in the reduction of unidentified utterances by up to 60%, making the AI agents more human-like and scalable across industries with wider use-cases.
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INBOX is an omnichannel agent assist platform for seamless customer support management. With an intuitive UX, INBOX enables agents to handle requests from a single dashboard in any language, offering complete customer history with superior context, reducing query resolution time. Capable of integrating with leading CRM systems, INBOX streamlines customer interactions from different communication channels – voice, email, social-media, website, and app into a single contextual conversation, transforming customer support into a more logical and efficient process.
Read More → is a conversational CX Automation platform that combines the power of human intelligence and AI, with active learning to deliver on-demand customer experience at scale. With users can build delightful customer relationships, boost customer engagement, improve cross-channel customer conversions, turn employee potential into performance, and reduce bottlenecks with AI-driven ITSM automation. Utilize text on 35+ channels, including websites, apps, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, messaging, email, and more, and utilize Voice to build inbound and outbound voice automation workflows across IVR, Alexa, Google Assistant, and more.
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