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AccuData Integrated Marketing

Fort Myers, Florida, United States
Company Overview
AccuData provides small-to-midsize and large national brands a comprehensive suite of tools built to achieve measurable results with marketing efforts. AccuData's goal is to drive marketing success through strategic data partnerships, powerful technologies and excellent service.
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Products and Services


AccuValid provides email address verification to help your email marketing campaigns succeed by providing intelligence on invalid and suspect emails.
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AimConnect is a fully managed email send service. AimConnect emails are designed, deployed, and delivered automatically and with accuracy through AccuData's program, which offers a 96% average deliverability rate.
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AlumniFinder’s suite of tools increases fundraising results by enabling you to efficiently maintain the accuracy and completeness of your donor and alumni records, use analytics to identify supporters with the greatest ability and likelihood to donate, and obtain a 360 degree view of your current and prospective supporters.
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NextGen Behavioral Targeting

NextGen Behavioral Targeting is an advertising solution that enables marketers to serve digital display ads to consumers based on their online search behavior. The product harnesses the power of a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign in a dynamic display advertising environment. AccuData can further refine target audiences based on demographic and geographic overlays that ensure ads are served only to consumers that meet marketers’ precise criteria.
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SnapShot is AccuData’s automated service that uses analytics to model a brand's best customers. Within minutes, loyalty customer data is matched against AccuData's comprehensive database of U.S. consumers or businesses to create a customized market penetration analysis. The strength of SnapShot lies in the demographic and firmographic overlays that reveal more detailed information about your customers.
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