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Plano, Texas, United States
Company Overview
Brierley, a Nomura Research Institute company, offers a full range of loyalty/CRM technology and services, focused on helping brands build lifetime customer relationships.
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Products and Services

Brierley CampaignWare

Brierley CampaignWare is a functionality-rich campaign management tool. From omnichannel communications, to real-time customer interactions with touchpoint systems, to fielding the best offers for specific customers.
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Brierley Data360

Brierley Data360 is purpose-built to ensure that every single customer in the database is unique, relevant, and ready for messaging. Utilizing all of the elements available about each individual (loyalty points, status, tier, transaction data, profile information, and model scores to name only a few), it becomes a true warehouse of individual-focused data that can drive every customer interaction.
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Brierley Digital Messaging Suite

Brierley Digital Messaging Suite provides Omnichannel content management and digital communications design, delivery, scheduling and reporting in concert with the full campaign, loyalty and CRM capabilities of Brierley LoyaltyWare and Brierley CampaignWare.
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Brierley LoyaltyWare

Brierley LoyaltyWare is the a technology product for loyalty and CRM with a full range of capabilities. In addition to integrating loyalty program functionality into mobile apps, LoyaltyWare includes a comprehensive list of functionality integrating with current mobile technologies such as Apple Passbook and Google Wallet.
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Brierley SurveyWare

Brierley SurveyWare is a survey tool that measures the effectiveness of loyalty programs. The solution combines polling and survey data from loyalty and non-loyalty members to create a visual representation of program effectiveness and to understand the attitudes and beliefs of customers and loyalty program members.
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