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Plano, Texas, United States
Company Overview
Brierley, a Nomura Research Institute company, offers a full range of loyalty/CRM technology and services, focused on helping brands build lifetime customer relationships.
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Products and Services

Brierley Data360

Brierley Data360 is purpose-built to ensure that every single customer in the database is unique, relevant, and ready for messaging. Utilizing all of the elements available about each individual (loyalty points, status, tier, transaction data, profile information, and model scores to name only a few), it becomes a true warehouse of individual-focused data that can drive every customer interaction.
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Brierley Digital Messaging Suite

Brierley Digital Messaging Suite enables you to market to your loyalty audience through email, social media, SMS, push messaging, digital marketing, abandoned cart reminders, and much more. By constructing intuitive loyalty campaigns that utilize Brierley’s full suite of expertise, you can simply watch the loyalty transactions come in as your members automatically enter an optimized workflow.
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