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San Mateo, California, United States
Company Overview
C9 delivers predictive sales applications that increase revenue, generate more precise forecasts and mitigate pipeline risk. Acquired by in 2015.
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Products and Services

C9 Forecast

C9 Forecast is a sales forecasting solution that blends historical data with sales judgment and predictive analysis to determine the in-pipe deals that will close and identify deals that haven’t hit yet.
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C9 LeadMap

C9 LeadMap taps C9’s predictive capabilities to project the revenue that current lead volumes will support and to determine the incremental leads needed to hit target. Now companies can respond to shortfalls before it’s too late to course-correct.
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C9 Pipeline

C9 Pipeline is a predictive sales tool that enables users to zero in on what’s changed in the pipeline, spot risk, and determine what it will take to save deals that are on the bubble.
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C9 Sales Advisor

C9 Sales Advisor defines a company’s “Sales Performance DNA” by analyzing the behavior of reps that are crushing their number. Personalized scorecards call out areas where reps are soaring—and where they have yet to achieve liftoff.
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