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New York, New York, United States
Company Overview
Dstillery is an advertising technology company that uses data science and massive intersecting data sets to predict brand affinity and build audiences.
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Products and Services

Audience Insights

Audience Insights is a customer intelligence tool, offering a comprehensive dashboard of the different nuances of an enterprises' consumers, updated on a daily basis. From there, users can easily dive into each audience trait as well as make comparisons to discover the strongest potential audiences to activate. Includes Dscover Maps (DMaps), a geospatial insights tool that provides a detailed view into market composition by geography or location. Using Dstillery’s digital audiences and insights, DMaps brings digital targeting tactics to other forms of media, including out-of-home, TV, radio and direct mail.
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Audience Studio

Audience Studio is a platform that helps agencies create, explore, and activate custom audiences. With this product, media planners and traders will be able explore the various dimensions of their target audience and create insights-driven audience strategies for their brand clients. In Audience Studio, users can also onboard first-party and third-party data to create custom audiences, explore physical and behavioral attributes, and activate in Dstillery’s DSP or the agency’s preferred DSP.
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Dstillery Audiences

Dstillery’s Audience solutions help you discover and activate new potential customers that align with your brand DNA, to drive awareness, engagement and ultimately revenue growth. Discover new consumers that behave (visit sites, open apps, visit stores, make purchases) like your best customers derived from your first-party data. Reach custom audiences designed from website visitation behaviors. Using a list of URLs that existing customers or target personas visit, Dstillery will identify new prospects exhibiting similar behaviors. Connect to people who visit relevant locations. Leveraging mobile device activity, you can reach relevant consumers while they are at your store or afterwards across multiple devices.
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