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London, United Kingdom
Company Overview
Flashtalking is an independent ad serving, tracking and technology company that provides digital advertising products, service and support for online advertisers, key media buying and creative agencies.
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Products and Services

Flashpoint Targeted Ads

Flashtalking Targeting delivers effective ads to each appropriate audience -- including to re-message users according to their previous behavior on a client’s website, to reach prospect audiences through third party audience data, and to contextually target the ad dependent on the page the ad appears on.
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Flashtalking Ad Server Platform

The Flashtalking Ad Server Platform is an intelligent ad service combining creative build tools, advanced rule-based ad delivery and measuring, as well as reporting, analytics, and data visualization tools.
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Flashtalking Dynamic Ads

Flashtalking Dynamic Ads is a dynamic ad platform that offer a range of solutions including scheduling ad versions based around events, reacting to competitor activity, testing and refining offers, or saving on production costs and traffic time.
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Flashtalking Reporting & Analytics

Flashtalking Reporting & Analytics measures performance across all forms of digital marketing, including display, video, rich media, search, social and affiliate marketing. The platform allows users to create a custom layout and metric combination at advertiser or agency level, and have the report scheduled for automatic delivery.
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