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Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Company Overview
illumin, formerly AcuityAds, has developed a marketing automation platform designed to generate the most intelligent audience connections and achieve deeper insights. Their programmatic marketing platform provides a new way for advertisers to connect with consumers.
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Products and Services

Acuity Live Audience

Acuity Live Audiences is a segmentation too enabling marketers to incorporate the most recent and relevant audience insights to achieve improved efficiency and effectiveness with your media dollars. Its proprietary Blended Interest Graph technology uses public social media data in order to better understand users online. This audience creation tool allows us to gain a deeper understanding of the person interested in our message by learning about: places they visit, music they listen to, hashtags they use, what they read and what they watch
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Attention Advertising

Attention Advertising is a video analytics tool. Attention Advertising enables users to harness all publicly available view data for video campaigns and track how the content performs in real time. By gauging the specifics of how users are engaging with content (and the competition’s) across dozens of major platforms including YouTube and Facebook, AcuityAds help brands optimize for their share of attention.
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Decision Science

Decision Science technology calls on information from over 700 MM profiles using real-time signals that provide highly predictive characteristics and conversion propensity insights. Its AI-technology allows brands and agencies to extract key signals outside of the obvious that contribute to the consumer journey from “unaware of a need” all the way through to conversion.
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Illumin is a platform enabling advertisers to plan and buy ads leveraging omnichannel intelligence
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