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Santa Monica, California, United States
Company Overview
inQuba’s Software-as-a-Service platform drives customers to desired outcomes using its proprietary event-driven context mapping, single view of the customer, omni-channel engagement, campaigning and voice-of-the-customer technology.
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Products and Services

inQuba Case Management

inQuba Case Management has been developed to empower business to elevate the importance of any feedback item. Cases are created, assignees added and service recovery takes place within a collaborative space. Role-based dashboards help case participants to manage their time, and analytics aid management in identifying top reasons for service failure. Whether integrated with other inQuba solutions or as a stand-alone service desk solution, inQuba Case Management is your best-in-class service recovery solution.
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inQuba CX

inQuba CX collects and analyzes customer feedback from multiple data sources including surveys, social media conversations, contact center interactions, email and transactional and financial data. The inQuba platform delivers the right insight to the right person at the right time, ensuring that quick action can be taken, whether engaged in service recovery or proactive management of the customer experience. It is underpinned by a comprehensive analytics capability that allows you to drill deep into the data to reveal meaningful patterns and isolate root causes.
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inQuba Engage

inQuba Engage is a mobile customer engagement solution. It allows you to maintain an accurate view of your customers’ context, preferences and sentiment, giving you the ability to engage in context-specific conversations with your customer base.
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inQuba Journey Analytics

inQuba Journey Analytics exposes real journeys as customers navigate transactions and touchpoints. Business needs Journey Analytics methodologies and a toolbox in order to boost the ROI of customer experience.
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inQuba Social

inQuba Social Media has been developed to give businesses a true single view of the customer, through both solicited and unsolicited feedback. inQuba Social Media offers a solution where unstructured social messages can be gathered, organized, distributed and replied to, even escalated. It extends or enriches the insights gained from a structured customer experience model and takes appropriate action where required.
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