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Princeton, New Jersey, United States
Company Overview
LatentView is a leading global analytics and decision sciences provider, delivering solutions that help companies drive digital transformation and use data to gain a competitive advantage.
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Products and Services


DigiView is a real-time digital marketing analytics dashboard designed to deliver a 360-degree view of a company’s digital marketing performance, across all its brand portfolios and channels including web and social analytics. The platform allows for data visualisation to identify the best channels and increase effectiveness of digital marketing spends.
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Jarvis is a hybrid recommendation engine that combines collaborative filtering with content filtering. It can help companies mine behavioral data to make relevant data-driven decisions and use analytics to optimise their content marketing initiatives.
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Limerick empowers brands to identify, in real time, emerging consumer trends, preferences, and opinions. It leverages unstructured data, advanced machine intelligence and managerial acumen in an integrated platform to provide a seamless social media listening and social media monitoring tool.
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Panel Miner

Panel Miner is a cloud-based automated data engineering and analytics solution that provides a comprehensive view of customer experience on digital properties. It extracts and converts unstructured data from multiple data sources into a structured form. Understanding of consumer behavior can then be leveraged to enhance consumer experience and interaction, predict consumer behavior and influence consumer behavior and engagement.
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SolveIt is an automated platform that enables financial institutions to easily calculate Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), as well as profitability of various segments. It allows for behavioral segmentation and has advanced forecasting capabilities, going beyond the traditional statistic measures of existing tools.
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TurfView is a fully automated, scalable, cloud-based solution that helps gather competitive intelligence at granular levels for digital marketing. TurfView also helps build experiments to optimize budget. It is capable of scaling up to millions of queries across multiple sites, geographic locations and form factors.
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