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Thinfilm Electronics

Oslo, Norway
Company Overview
Thinfilm Electronics is a Norwegian technology company specializing in printed system products that power the emerging Internet of Things (IoT). Thinfilm products include memory, sensing, display and wireless communication and other NFC (near field communication) mobile marketing solutions.
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Products and Services

CNECT Platform

Thinfilm’s CNECT Cloud Platform is an advertising platform that pushes content to an end-user's smartphone once he has tapped that phone on an internet-connected product or stand. The platform allows marketers to create, launch and dynamically manage consumer-focused content and experiences based on tap sequence, time, geographic location, and other rules-based criteria. Use real-time context to show the end users different content and experiences for the initial, and all subsequent, smartphone taps in a sequence and deliver different content and experiences according to when the smartphone tap occurs
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IoT CNECT Box is a bundled solution that enables consumer brands and agencies to quickly and easily set up NFC mobile campaigns in retail stores and more. The affordable "in a box" mobile marketing solution leverages the Thinfilm suite of SpeedTap and OpenSense tags, labels and sensors, and the CNECT partner portal, all in one simple to use package. Using IoT-CNECT, brands and marketers can connect instantly with consumers through intelligent product packaging, delivering promotional offers, product news and other contextual content, simply through a tap of a smartphone. Thinfilm’s mission is to effectively extend the traditional boundaries of the Internet of Things to fuel the Internet of Everything.
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NFC OpenSense Tags

NFC OpenSense Tags are thin, flexible tags that easily integrate into any item, such as packaged retail products on the shelf. Tags can be configured in limitless ways to drive brand loyalty, provide product information, prompt reorders, identify nearby store locations and generaly enrich and enhance consumer engagement in a new way. OpenSense Tags drive mobile marketing for different parts of customer journey. Brands can use OpenSense Tags in conjuction with the Thinfilm cloud-based marketing platform to power one-to-one mobile marketing for different parts of customer journe, linking offline behavior to online profiles.
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SpeedTap is NFC technology in a simple-to-integrate form factor. A Single-ID NFC tag, SpeedTap is easily integrated into product labels or even bottle caps. Each tag's unique ID enables item-level tracking and advanced analytics in a way that's faster than QR codes or direct data entry. SpeedTap is compatible with other Thinfilm NFC solutions for simple, instant consumer engagement and brand protection, and for creating targeted marketing campaigns, streamlining promotions and triggering repeat purchases.
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