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Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom
Company Overview
Founded in 2008, Vibetrace is centered in Romania and is growing throughout Europe. Vibetrace gathers statistics and forms reports to allow businesses to measure all user activity and track the success of their campaigns. Vibetrace works on any eCommerce platform, and focuses on improving the site’s conversion rate using personalized ad campaigns for each user.
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Products and Services

Actionable Ecommerce Analytics

Actionable Ecommerce Analytics provides detailed data analytics for the user’s ecommerce site. Equipped with tools to measure customer preference data, follow shopping session activity, generate insightful visual reports, and use ecommerce A/B testing, this solution is a gateway to driving sales and conversions.
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Ecommerce CRM

The Ecommerce CRM software platform facilitates communications between the user and their customers to gain critical insight on the customer experience. Users can personalize communication with every customer, placing the customer at the center of their retail strategy and improving overall customer engagement.
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Ecommerce Email Marketing

Ecommerce Email Marketing assists in maximizing conversion rates for ecommerce retailers by allowing the user to develop fully automated and personalized email marketing campaigns. With added behavioral email targeting features, the user can mold their campaigns to the behavioral tendencies of their target audience, increasing overall conversion rates.
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Ecommerce Site Personalization

The Ecommerce Site Personalization tool allows the user to monitor customer behavior and promote products, excess inventory, or special offers specific to the customer, increasing conversion rates. With the ability to recommend certain products, trigger personalized pop-up messages to customers, and use site searches that adapt to the customer’s search history and results, this tool will help improve the customer experience.
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Product Recommendations

The Product Recommendation tool helps the user develop customer-specific product recommendations, driving conversion rates, revenue, and overall customer loyalty. This product creates a unique profile for every customer based on their behaviors and tendencies, which are later used to develop a set of products the customer is most likely to buy next.
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